May 12, 2022

Vallarta Tequila Tasting

Puerto Vallarta, Tequila Tasting in your private villa, that is the option of a new company. They will come to your vacation rental villa and give a private tasting with information about Tequila, how It is made, what makes some types smoother then others and the source of Tequila from the Agave plant. In Wine … Vallarta Tequila Tasting Read More »

Puerto Vallarta – Spanish is Fun!

Don’t Be Embarrassed While ordering meals and drinks, getting around town and shopping for groceries, you can probably get by speaking English in Puerto Vallarta, yet Mexicans love when you try to speak Spanish. They consider it respectful and it makes it seem like you really want to be here. It’s good to know a … Puerto Vallarta – Spanish is Fun! Read More »

Puerto Vallarta – Spring is Heading Toward Summer

Summer in Puerto Vallarta Spring is upon us, visitors to Puerto Vallarta have hardly dwindled and more people are finding it a place to not only visit, but live during the summer months, which are just around the calendar corner. Puerto Vallarta is a great place to be from May through October for so many … Puerto Vallarta – Spring is Heading Toward Summer Read More »

Puerto Vallarta – How Is Your Spanish?

Attempting the Language As years go on in our residency of Puerto Vallarta, we’ve found it amazing how many people speak English; the waiters, the ladies at the lavanderia, bartenders, the veterinarian we take the pup to see for his yearly exam. Even some of the taxi and bus drivers. It is an honor to … Puerto Vallarta – How Is Your Spanish? Read More »

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