June 2, 2022

The Most Friendliest City? Puerto Vallarta

Many years ago, upon one of our first visits to Puerto Vallarta, before we decided to make our residence permanent, we read a sign on our way into the city from a day trip returning from Sayulita. We’d just crossed the border from Nayarit into Jalisco and there it was: La ciudad más amigable del … The Most Friendliest City? Puerto Vallarta Read More »

A Day at the Beach in Puerto Vallarta's Past

For more than a hundred years, tourists have been making the journey to the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Very few things have changed; sunshine and ocean; vendors selling goods; beachcombing and swimming; fish on a stick. Pilgrimages from the mountain towns of Mascota, Ameca, Talpa and San Sebastian arrived in Puerto Vallarta in convoys of … A Day at the Beach in Puerto Vallarta's Past Read More »

A New Type of Circus Has Come To Puerto Vallarta

Although the United States considers itself more progressive and civilized, when it comes to the treatment of show animals, they are miserably far behind Mexico. The Mexican congress, being the 10th country to do so globally, has passed measures to stop animals being exploited for entertainment. Gildardo Guerrero, of the political Mexican party PAN, has … A New Type of Circus Has Come To Puerto Vallarta Read More »

Vallarta Vacations: Baby Turtles

Sea Turtles The season for baby turtle release is coming to an end in Puerto Vallarta. If you haven’t had the opportunity, there are still many chances. Several locations exist up and down the coast, and the concierge in most hotels can guide you to the closest one. Not many places around the globe make … Vallarta Vacations: Baby Turtles Read More »

Sunset at Casa Yvonneka

Puerto Vallarta . I watched the sunset last night from the amazing terrace at Casa Yvonneka, with our friends from Journey Mexico. The staff served frosty Mango Margaritas along with other fun cocktails and great snacks from Casa Yvonneka’s special baked Brie to the traditional Guacamole my favorite. Casa Yvonneka is one of the most … Sunset at Casa Yvonneka Read More »

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