June 16, 2022

Love Bugs and Other Wheels in Puerto Vallarta

Tourists visiting Mexico often express surprise at the abundance of Volkswagens in Puerto Vallarta. Mexico has been the home of auto manufacturing for many decades, the Volkswagen being one of the largest contributors to the economy. The city and state of Puebla proudly produced the first Beetle in 1964 and rolled out the end of … Love Bugs and Other Wheels in Puerto Vallarta Read More »

Puerto Vallarta Art Scene

The Art in Puerto Vallarta is easy to see, in the downtown area there are sculptures, murals and galleries on every block. The winter Artwalk began with a favorite – Judith Ewing Morlan was the feature artist at Galleria Uno and her work reflects the colors and ambiance of Puerto Vallarta so well. She favors … Puerto Vallarta Art Scene Read More »

A walk in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Tabachin trees are in flower and everywhere you look the bright orange flowers are another of the colors of Mexico. Many people think there are no seasons in the tropics but the weather does change and there are different flowers and fruit at different times of the year. We are currently … A walk in Puerto Vallarta Read More »

Maize In Puerto Vallarta

Next time you’re on the Malecón in Puerto Vallarta, buying corn on the cob and smothering it in cheese and Salsa Huichol, remember corn, a highly diversified and reliable food source, is a vegetable with a traceable history. You would not be having this tasty, flavorsome treat if it wasn’t for a complicated invention that … Maize In Puerto Vallarta Read More »

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