A Love Letter To Puerto Vallarta

Our Love Letter To The Puerto Vallarta Community

Puerto Vallarta is magical.  It is special to us for many reasons, but mainly because of our intense sense of community & diversity.  The Puerto Vallarta community is coming to the forefront in this current situation just as it has in the past and it is reminding us of why we choose to be part of this community.

What gives us strength in Vallarta comes from the diverse communities that are interwoven into our local society.  Communities from visitors, locals, the lgbtq community and expats from around the globe all united.   And we are all part of the global community that is humanity.  

All of us at Beston Properties we are striving to manage the global pandemic with our guests, staff, friends, family and business partners.  Puerto Vallarta has weathered storms in the past and we will weather this one.  

We want to express our gratitude to those helping others in need and remind everyone than every little bit helps.  We are hearing wonderful stories of people pitching in, like when a local tour company had to cancel their monthly donation to local animal rescue shelters, the owner of Casa Yvonneka immediately took over to cover the assistance needed.   Or the tour operator who used one of their vans to help transport people to major medical appointments hours away in Guadalajara.  These are the stories we want to carry with us when this passes.

Beston Properties is here for you if you have reservations with arrival dates in the near future and we look forward to welcoming you with a smiling face and a frosty margarita once this storm has passed.  Puerto Vallarta will be here with its greatest asset the friendly people, the amazing natural beauty and colorful culture waiting for you.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families /communities especially those impacted by these events and we are just an email or call away if you need us.

As they say in Mexico Vaya con Dios a blessing used instead of Goodbye.

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