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The Weather in Puerto Vallarta:
Vallarta enjoys approx 300 sunny days a year and is located in a tropical zone with lush tropical rain forests and a balmy climate, much different from other parts of Mexico.

The winter (mid November through March) has virtually no rainfall and average temperatures of 80-90 Fahrenheit during the day and 70-75 F at night.
The summer which is also the rainy season with sporadic tropical downpours (mid June through mid October) has average temperatures of 85-90 F during the day and 80-85 F at night.

As the rainy season begins, short intense rains come late at night, gradually progressing until in late August the rains begin late afternoon, so even during the peak of the rainy season the better part of the day is clear and sunny.

“Puerto Vallarta is a Paradise” is how local artist Manuel Lepe once described it. 
Others describe it as magical and romantic.  Whatever it is, Puerto Vallarta has the power to charm everyone who visits”.


The geographical beauty is breathtaking. Jungle covered mountains dramatically meet the ocean, white sandy coves are bordered by palm trees and emerald green water; jungle waterfalls, rain forests and beaches only accessible by boat are just a few of the reasons to visit Puerto Vallarta.
The charming village retains the feel of old Mexico with cobblestone streets, white stucco homes with terra cotta tiled roofs and the splash of fuchsia bougainvillea everywhere. The combination of the friendly local people and the mystique from the days when Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and John Huston made Puerto Vallarta their home, create a magic you have to experience to appreciate.

Beston Properties has villas for everyone: from 2 – 10 bedrooms, both family friendly and dramatically sophisticated.
The exceptional climate with approximately 300 sunny days each year and an average daily temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit makes it the perfect destination.

Puerto Vallarta is very pedestrian friendly and all major tourist areas are accessible on foot. It is easy to walk everywhere in Old Town Puerto Vallarta.
The Malecon sea wall, Main Plaza and Cathedral of Guadalupe are located in the heart of the city, in the area of Old Town known as El Centro. This area offers a wide variety of upscale boutiques, world class restaurants and high end art galleries. The strip of clubs that line the Malecon seawall come to life at night and the promenade becomes a natural gathering place for people of all ages, tourists and locals alike.

The main public beach in Old Town, Los Muertos Beach, is in the “Romantic Zone” and runs parallel to Olas Altas Street, on the south side of the Rio Cuale which runs through the middle of Old Town, dividing El Centro and the Romantic Zone. Olas Altas/Los Muertos is a quaint area with sidewalk cafes, resort clothing stores, coffee shops and internet cafes.


Basilio Badillo or “Restaurant Row” is also in the Romantic Zone, running perpendicular to Los Muertos Beach. It is lined with unique jewelry and clothing stores, art galleries and popular restaurants.

The famous Gringo Gulch area in El Centro is quite picturesque with winding cobblestone streets and unique old world charm. The exclusive neighborhood was named for the influx of North Americans that invaded the narrow river road and created an artistic and happening scene after the wild publicity generated from the filming of Night of the Iguana in 1963. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton owned a vacation home in this area until his death in 1984, called Casa Kimberley. While filming Night of the Iguana, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr, John Huston, Burton and Taylor all stayed in these villas on the hillside behind the Cathedral of Guadalupe, fabulous homes where the celebrities and their jet set friends hung out for many years even after the filming was over. John Huston’s favorite, Casa Tabachin, can still be rented to this day.


Conchas Chinas is a beautiful residential area on the edge of town as you head south along the scenic coastal highway to Mismaloya. Developed in the 1970’s when the affluent crowd from Gringo Gulch expanded south, multi million dollar villas line the highway that divides this prestigious neighborhood. The beach side of the highway is Lower Conchas Chinas; villas perched along the mountainside pertain to Upper Conchas Chinas. Santa Barbara street in lower Conchas Chinas winds past many of these walled estates and takes you down to Olas Altas street in Old Town.

One of our local magazines, Vallarta Lifestyles, is a great source of information on things to do in the area, and includes extensive reviews of our top restaurants and best shopping. There will be several copies at your vacation home, along with maps and an information book. Your rental agent will provide you with extra information upon your arrival and be happy to set you up on any tours, fishing charters or dolphin adventures. Please call our office at 222-9780; also feel free to contact us to make restaurant reservations or call taxis for you.
Thank you and we hope you enjoy the Vallarta Experience.

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