Casa Karma Salsa Party

[youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=td9CLn2GYic] After a fun hour of lessons we sat down and he danced on his own. Amazing dancer, and very charming. We all enjoyed a great buffet dinner with gourmet fish tacos, chicken tacitos and the best fresh salsa and guacamole. Casa Karma has been a favorite 6 bedroom vacation rental villa, but now

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Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta: Sophisticated Bars and Elite Clubs to Visit

Puerto Vallarta, with its vibrant sunsets and serene beaches, is infamous for more than just its daytime beauty. As the sun dips below the horizon, the city transforms into a pulsating hub of electrifying nightlife that boasts a seamless blend of sophistication and revelry. From sophisticated bars serving meticulously crafted cocktails to elite clubs where the dance floors are always alive, Puerto Vallarta’s nightlife scene is spectacularly diverse. Whether you’re a local or a curious traveler, here are some bars and clubs you absolutely must visit.

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Christmas Fireworks show

Puerto Vallarta sparkles for Christmas! This year Christmas will be especially brilliant in Puerto Vallarta as they host the 2014 International Fireworks Festival from December 20th -31st. There will be Fireworks presentations from the industry as well as 4 countries Italy, USA, Canada and Spain; plus 5 Mexican States Jalisco, Puebla, Zacatecas, Sonora and Mexico

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