Best 5 Tacos in Puerto Vallarta + 1

One’s first clue when looking for delicious tacos in Puerto Vallarta would be how many Mexicans are standing in line. Following the locals is the best bet for finding good food; regardless of what city or country one is sampling the fare.
Taco stands often serve other food, such as gorditas and sopas, but the taco is the most simple and easy way to eat on the go and few will argue with this fact. It’s economical, tasty and tacos are, indeed, available everywhere.
Taco stands are often family run businesses and to find a fastidious clean one, you’ll note one person handling money, dirty dishes, hand-washing facilities and garbage; other employees are making the food. Plates are covered with disposable plastic and reused, a very hygienic solution to control waste. Hygiene facilities are usually present, such as a stationary or portable sink.
The results of a poll listed countless taco stands in Puerto Vallarta and surrounding area but we’ve selected five of the most popular.
Pancho’s Takos was above and beyond the top choice, even though many people refer to it as being too touristy. However, overlooking the fact that it seems to get a lot of PR on sites such as Trip Advisor, it’s also a spot-on favorite with Mexicans. You’ll find Pancho’s on Basilio Badillo, next to the famous Café de Olla, at the most crowded area on the street.
Tacos Revolucion is a restaurant on Olas Altas, a long time establishment, just up the street from Francisca Rodriquez, the street that leads to the pier. It has indoor seating, lots of tables and a varied menu.
Tacos Memo’s Grill, on the corner of Basilio Badillo and Aquacate is a favorite late night stop for many, opening at 8 pm and making sure everyone is well fed until 2 am. We’ve seen throngs ordering at midnight.
Mariscos Mismaloya is the place to go for ceviche, and fish tacos of all kinds, including shrimp, plus soups and salads. Open 10 am until 5 pm, located on Aquiles Serdan between Constitución and Insurgentes.
Mar Y Tierra is on the main highway, Blvd Francisco Medina Ascencio, across from the Coppel and next to the HSBC. Favored by locals and tourists alike for many years, they specialize in both seafood and meat, as their name implies.
Listed as More-Than-Honorable-Mention is Taco de Marlin, often the last stop for those leaving the country. Located across the highway from the airport and accessible using the sky bridge, Marlin is known for quick service, making sure travelers in need of one final flavor of Puerto Vallarta don’t miss their flight.
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Thanks to our guest blogger Adam Garcia for this article!

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