Blue Skies Over Puerto Vallarta

There is a saying in Spanish “Tengo un cielo azul, pero pagué por el.” I have the blue sky, but I pay for it.
Our North American friend was dismayed when we explained our early rising, in order to be at the Telephone Company in Puerto Vallarta when the doors open. “You have to stand in line?” He was in a mild state of shock. “Why?”
A slight glitch in our account needed correction and simplification, which can be done over phone, or in person. With our limited knowledge of certain Spanish terms, we choose to rely on facial expressions and face to face service. Therefore, we have our book to read whenever we venture out of the comfort of home.
We stand in line in Mexico. We sit and wait. We struggle, some of us, with making ourselves understood, and comprehending what’s being said to us. We pout about barking dogs and squealing children, roosters crowing and mini-bombs set off at churches. We gripe about fast bus operators, overpaid taxi drivers, difficult parking, dusty and potholed streets and piles of garbage. We moan about slow service, no service and diverted service.
But…here we are. We came here for varied purposes but we are here, just the same. In Puerto Vallarta, we are loving the sunsets, the low cost of living, the relaxed pace, the friendliness, the fact that we can hire a maid, a gardener, a nanny, whereas most of us tended to those chores ourselves back where we come from. Our money goes far in Puerto Vallarta, whether US, Canadian, Euro.
Our children attend good schools and receive a far better and more disciplined education; our ailments and accidents are attended to by superb doctors with state-of-the-art skills at a reasonable cost; our entertainment and theater is first class talent coming from far and wide to amuse us.
When the snow piles up in Boston and the wind chill factor is -18°C in Toronto, button your lip about the WalMart Deli servers not realizing you were asking for ham and not soap. Let the surf tickle your toes, watch the sun sink into the ocean and know it will come up again tomorrow to lighten your blue sky.
Que es cómo es.

Thanks to our guest blogger Adam Garcia for this article!

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