Covid-19 Villa Protocols

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Covid19 Villa Protocols – What we are doing.

New Villa Systems & Protocols for COVID 19

The health, safety & comfort of our guests is always our top priority, the onset of Covid 19 has required implementing new protocol and systems for cleaning, disinfecting and staff services.   Please see below new guidelines


  • Facemasks, gloves & face shields: staff will use when guests in residence
  • Social distancing: 6 ft when possible with guests & other staff
  • Hand washing/sanitizing: upon arrival & on a regular basis
  • Control: any staff with symptoms or exposed to Covid 19 will not enter


  • Disinfecting floor mat at entrance
  • Hand sanitizer/Gel in common areas
  • Disinfecting wipes or spray provided in common areas (depending on availability)

VENTILATE ROOMS:  the CDC recommends rooms be well ventilated, staff will open all windows, doors and turn on fans while cleaning or when appropriate.


FOCUS FREQUENTLY TOUCHED SURFACES: Light switches, doorknobs, remote controls, taps & bannisters to be disinfect on a regular basis during the day.


FOOD & BEVERAGES DISINFECTED:  all food, beverages & items purchased for the guests will be disinfected at the time they are delivered.  Including all fresh Fruits & Vegetables & exterior products & packaging


MINIMIZE STAFF PRESENCE:  guests have the option to minimalize the staff presence & interaction.  The villas include full staff & pride themselves on the level of service, we appreciate that during this time it is a personal choice and some guests may prefer less staff interaction.   Let us know and we will work with you to help make this a great experience, food and beverage shopping can be delivered, some food prepared & left in the fridge and cleaning staff scheduled to fit your pool time.


TOWELS & BED LINENS:  will all be washed & dried at The Highest Heat Setting Recommended by The Manufacturer, including bedsheets, mattress covers, hand & bath towels, kitchen towels, blankets & bed covers. Staff will wear gloves when handling dirty laundry.


CLEAN FIRST THEN DISINFECT: a system of cleaning with Soap or Detergent & water to remove dirt & germs.   Then Disinfecting with approved products to kill germs & manage the COVID 19 Virus.


CORRECT DISINFECTANTS: only products with Bleach, a minimum of 70% alcohol, & disinfectants registered by the Environmental Protection Agency are believed to be effective against the coronavirus.


These are general guidelines & may vary by villa, however We cannot guarantee that these measures will completely protect against COVID19.  If you have special requests or want more information please contact us.   Your health & safety as well as the Health and safety of the staff in the villa is very important to us.  

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