During this time we appreciate our Vallarta community more than ever.

During this time we appreciate our Vallarta community more than ever.

Saludos /Greetings from an uncharacteristically quiet colonia of Puerto Vallarta. 

Puerto Vallarta is also self-isolating & there is a noticeable contrast these days from our usual busy status this time of year, with the Malecon & Beaches full of families & visitors here for Spring & Easter vacation. However even with all the  chaos & turmoil our world is experiencing, the sunsets into the bay each evening with the same sense of magic.

More than anything I wanted to send you a message of hope; a hope that you are healthy, safe and being responsible for your own health and the health of your community. During this time of isolation, we appreciate our communities more than ever. We are stronger when we unite as a global community with a common goal, keeping each other strong and supported through the worst days of this crisis. In time this will pass and we will emerge from it stronger.

Puerto Vallarta is a magical destination, with the old town charm, natural beauty & beaches, but the people and their strong sense of community make it really special. The Puerto Vallarta community embraces diversity; welcoming and enchanting a broad spectrum of people with a special charm and warmth. Our local community is reaching out to help each other; Food drives for those in need, volunteers making masks & protective gowns for hospital workers, animal rescue groups and emotional support for those who are struggling in this challenging time.

We are all in this together, globally.

Hasta Mañana,


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