Favortie hot weather cocktails

What is your favorite hot weather cocktail? If you Google Top 10 Summer cocktails – there are over 35,000 hits. Not to be confused with The 10 most Popular tropical cocktails, which was a bit obnoxious for me, check out the link called “what to drink” way too much use of Grenadine and “cute” names like Bahama Mama, Sex on the Beach and worse. Note the difference in The most popular Summer Cocktails in London and so on. The Tropical cocktails selection tends to be a bit more global, with Tropical fruit. There is the iconic Pina Colada, no mention of the Coco Loco surprisingly (it is a favorite in Puerto Vallarta) one called a Caipirinha (popular in Brazil) with something called Cachaca – which is a sweet rum. In an effort to make it simple I tried top 10 Manly summer Cocktails, apparently men are not always simple. Then I tried “10 Simple Summer Cocktails” from Gourmet Traveler. It would seem my idea of simple is tragically simple in comparison. The Gourmet Travelers actually prefaced the list by saying “The making of cocktails at many of the country’s top bars has become almost as complicated as the cooking done in restaurant kitchens. An increasing emphasis on fine and unusual ingredients and rarefied techniques now separate the bartending wheat from the postmix gun-toting chaff. But when the mercury’s shooting out of the top of the thermometer and eggs are frying in the shade of an Australian summer, there are times when you just want a drink, and bugger the mixology. And so it is in that spirit that we’ve asked a hand-picked selection of the bartenders who have impressed us most around the country to leave the bells and whistles on the shelf and give us some ideas for drinks better served around the pool or barbie than the bar. The results, we hope you’ll agree, are worth raising a glass to”
After all that see the below list starting with a Pomegranate white wine Sangria. Some of the below sound like they have potential, but I am way past being the type of girl who orders drinks with silly names. Still worth a try.
Tequila Gimlet
Carpe Diem
Spring Fling
Barbados Punch
Scorpion Bowl
The Ritz Cocktail
The Big Apple berry
Earl’s Punch
White Peach Bellini
Kir Royale
I live in Puerto Vallarta and my DOC (drink of choice) is a Margarita (hold the salt) so I am in the perfect location.
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