Flickr challenge: ‘Harvest’ theme results

harvest - rahulography

Each week our Flickr contests introduce a new theme and participating photographers enter their most fitting image for the chosen word or phrase.

The ‘Harvest’ challenge has just finished with three photographers tied for the top spot, as decided by community votes. Here are some of the best shots.

This week’s winners

Transplanting seedlings in the rice paddy fields © rahulography

What strikes us first with this photo from rahulography is the remarkable two-tone effect of the different tiers of paddy. After that we start to notice reflections of the surrounding vegetation in the water, before returning to examine the planting activities more closely. We particularly appreciate the small ledge included at the bottom of the shot – it helps make us feel like we’re really there.

A silent observer watches the harvest near Mandya, India © Udayan Sankar Pal

The impact of this shot from Udayan Sankar Pal, taken in India’s Southern Karnataka region, comes from its simplicity. The composition draws our eyes from the foreground with its unexpected animal subject, across the richly textured grasses and off into the distance. We also like how the wind in the crops and palm trees contrasts with the serenity of our bovine companion.

Tending the rice fields © akhil.raj1306

The angle of akhil.raj1306’s photo places us near the water level and allows us to see the carefully planted rows in the rice paddy. With the palm trees lining the field and the low-hanging clouds, there’s a lot to examine before we eventually settle on the ladies minding the crops and the splash of colour they add to the scene.

This week’s runners-up

Hay bales waiting in the Alberta sunshine, Canada © nathanocracy

Nathanocracy’s photo captures a wonderful sense of space, with the peaks of Waterton Lakes National Park in the distance. The long shadows cast by the bales lead our gaze across the image, but we invariably end up returning to the small batch of fluffy white clouds in the top right corner – they complement the landscape perfectly.

Working hard in the Andalusian fields, Spain © Square Lamb

There’s loads of life in this shot of workers in Andalucía harvesting vegetable crops. The proportion of greenery in the image helps emphasise the scale of the work, and faint shading in the background gives us the impression of mountains beyond. Mostly, though, we wonder how Square Lamb came to be in the field in the first place…

A home-made scarecrow guards the mustard fields © sadiqur17

The scarecrow’s expression and bright colours in sadiqur17’s photo immediately make us smile. The choice of focal depth means our eyes are always led back to the funny pottery face and its slanted monobrow. We imagine the yellow harvest must be quite a temptation to local wildlife, so we hope they find the watchman scarier than we do!

This week’s staff picks

Gleaming salt fields on the coast of Vietnam © g e …read more


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