Flickr challenge: ‘Kaleidoscope’ theme results

Congress Palace Montreal - Kuba Abramowicz

Our weekly Flickr competition challenges photographers to submit their best travel image matching a specified theme. Participants are then given the chance to vote on the entries, with the contest outcome determined by community votes.

The latest challenge was ‘Kaleidoscope’. Let’s take a look at the top image results.

This week’s winner

Patterns of light and shadow in Montréal, Canada © Kuba Abramowicz

Kuba Abramowicz’s winning image, taken inside the Montréal Palais des Congrès, fills every corner of the frame with colour. We like how the different panes of glass cast overlapping shadows, and we particularly enjoy how some of the colours blend together as they hit the floor.

Funnily enough, our own page about this modern convention centre describes entering it as ‘akin to strolling through a kaleidoscope’. Having seen this shot, we think the overview sounds accurate and it seems quite a fitting winner for this challenge.

This week’s runners-up

Backlit stained-glass window detail from Quito Cathedral, Ecuador © the new bronze

This beautiful photo from the new bronze focuses on a colourful rose window in the 16th century cathedral in Quito. The angle of the shot leads our gaze from the green and blue panels on the bottom left up to the central section at the top, and we appreciate the opportunity to examine the delicate floral patterns and skilled metalwork in such detail.

A sea of ornate lanterns in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey © TravelPixelz

TravelPixelz has created a wonderful close-up shot of some of the intricate mosaic lights available to purchase in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. The shallow depth of field highlights the pink lanterns in the foreground with their glowing star motifs, but we keep being drawn to the contrasting colours in the background. From this angle, it looks like the lanterns stretch on forever.

Fragments of life reflected in a building in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia © g e c k t r e k

We love the abstract nature of this photo from g e c k t r e k, which captures various aspects of city life in Ulaanbaatar. As each series of panels seems to reflect something different, our eyes are kept moving around the image and we can’t help but try and make guesses about the surrounding landscape and architecture. A very intriguing shot overall.

The Berliner Dom illuminated during the Berlin Festival of Lights, Germany © Sayarma

Although we can’t quite work out what the projections lighting up the imposing Berlin Cathedral might be, we’re intrigued by the mystery and keep coming back to this photo from Sayarma again and again. The scale of this amazing building is nicely demonstrated by the inclusion of its base and a few passers-by gazing up at the psychedelic display in awe (just as we would’ve done!).

Colourful celebrations during the Dublin Pride Parade, Ireland © gerpower

This shot from gerpower embodies the bright colours and sense of fun present in the Pride Parade hosted in …read more


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