LP Pathfinders: top posts from November 2015


A classic sunset in the Scottish Highlands. Image by Vaidotas Mišeikis / CC 2.0

As always, this month our Pathfinders have been sharing their stories from around the world. November’s best travel blogs cover peaceful escapes, natural beauty and plenty of colour in the form of street art and Diwali celebrations.

The festival of light, Rajasthan – Annapurna Mellor

Anna travelled to Pushkar to witness the Diwali festival, the most important time of year in India. While many people across the world celebrate with fireworks and parades, what she found was a peaceful dedication to light and inner spirituality.

Travel is an integral part of Annapurna’s life. The clue is in her name. Follow her blog at annapurnamellor.com

Five reasons to stay in a ryokan in Japan – Jessica Korteman

Staying in a ryokan – a traditional Japanese-style inn – can take a chunk out of your Japan travel budget. But here’s why – according to Jessica and Hai – spending a night in one is absolutely worth the splurge.

Aussie travel fanatics Jessica and Hai are based in Japan. Follow their blog at notesofnomads.com

The serene coves of Nosara, Costa Rica – Mike McCaffrey

We couldn’t resist this descriptive overview of a corner of Costa Rica’s northern coast. According to Mike, the beautiful beaches of Nosara are patiently waiting to be explored… and we’re first in line!

Born in China and raised in San Francisco, Mike has visited over 65 countries, working in over 20 of them. Follow his blog at nomadic-by-nature.com

Street art in Brest, France – Emily and Sian Davies

Street art: creative or criminal? In a city with an innovative response to its graffiti problem, Emily and Sian joined a local street artist to see how he uses it as his canvas. Luckily they took their cameras.

Wandering wives Emily and Sian have been on the road since 2014. Follow their blog at wanderingwives.net

12 magical places in the Scottish Highlands – Sabina Trojanova

If majestic castles, hidden valleys and ancient legends don’t lure you to this far-flung corner of the British Isles, perhaps a love of Harry Potter will…

Sabina is a twenty-something troublemaker with a passion for travel. Follow her blog at girlvsglobe.com

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