Daylight Savings time ends in Mexico: For people who need to know the real time, please be advised that Daylight Savings time will ends on October 28th Sunday morning, earlier then in the USA and Canada.
Daylight Savings Time is a relatively new concept to Mexico, and for years was viewed with suspicion and a lack of confidence, as if it might suddenly revert to “real time”. However it seems to be sticking and in a geographical location closer to the equator with such a brief dawn and dusk it is appreciated. The closer you are to the equator the shorter the transition from night to day or day to night. From sunset to pitch black night is less than 30 minutes in Puerto Vallarta.
To be “on Mexican Time” has always referred to a casual regard for time and deadlines. To be so relaxed and removed from schedules that you were not a slave to the clock. In Puerto Vallarta a happy medium has been reached. Where you services happen on a timely basis but the rest of life is a bit more casual.
There is also a book called On Mexican Time written by Tony Cohan, I have not read it yet but it received excellent reviews. The intro to the book is tells how the author and his wife escape the hectic rat race of life in Los Angeles for the slower gentler pace of San Miguel de Allende inevitably, they find themselves buying a 250-year-old hacienda on the verge of collapse, with wonderfully elegant Spanish colonial architecture and a garden brimming with papayas, avocados, and custard apples.
What followed was a love affair with a country and its people that has endured. On Mexican Time is a lyrical attempt to capture the Mexican magic that bewitched the two of them. Cohan introduces us to a quirky cast of Mexicans and expats, including murderers, idealists, philanderers, and writers. Spanning 15 years, the book conveys something of the curiously intangible passage of time, as we watch girls become mothers, marriages drift apart, and friends come and go. The text is rich with sensuous details, and Cohan is excellent at conveying the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of a country that he clearly adores.
On Mexican Time is much less of a glib chronicle than other books of the “charming new life in paradise” genre. Although he is not averse to the odd moment of portentousness, Cohan makes a gentle and elegant guide through the experiences of expat life in San Miguel. –Toby Green
Sounds great doesn’t it?
Another comment from a reader states: I love this book because I have lived in Mexico. Tony Cohan does a wonderful job verbalizing the transformation one goes through when embracing Mexican culture. He understands the subtleties of colors, smells, flavor, sabor. Living in Mexcio is a much larger undertaking than many would understand. The idea of Mexico in the United States is a place you go to party, but don’t drink the water. A place riddled with drugs and traffickers and the home of all the illegal aliens that we fear so much.
For anyone who has spent time in Mexico and fallen under the spell, you know how grey and colorless the north seems after spending time in Mexico.
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