Planeteer: India celebrates Festival of Colour, earthquakes strike Peru & Chile, new photography law in Hungary

Kissing the Blarney stone. Image by Brian Rosner / CC BY 2.0

Get the best travel news here curated by Lonely Planet Destination Editors, who use their expertise to bring you the stories that matter from all over the world. In today’s edition: Hindus in India are celebrating the Holi festival, earthquakes hit the coasts of Peru and Chile, and a new law on taking photos takes effect in Hungary.

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17 March is…
Holi in India
Evacuation Day in Boston
St Patrick’s Day, everywhere


Stories curated by Lonely Planet’s Europe Destination Editors: Jo Cooke, James Smart, Brana Vladisavljevic, Kate Morgan, Anna Tyler and Gemma Graham.

Kissing the Blarney stone. Image by Brian Rosner / CC BY 2.0

Blarney Stone actually Irish
Scientists have found that Ireland’s Blarney Stone is made of local carboniferous limestone. The research contradicts both Blarney Castle’s claim that the stone is actually half of Scotland’s ‘Stone of Destiny’, and rumours that it was hewn from the same rock as Stonehenge. Kissing the stone at the castle near Cork is alleged to bestow eloquence, and is a popular activity for tourists. Read more:

Flight disruptions expected in France on Tuesday
A 24-hour strike by air traffic controllers is expected to cause flight disruptions in France on Tuesday. Flights going to and from France, as well as internal flights, will be affected. Travellers are advised to check with their airlines for updates before travelling. Read more:

Artisan baker takes top prize for Paris’ best baguette
Twenty-four year old Antonio Teixeira has won the annual best baguette competition in Paris. The baker, who runs Boulangerie Aux Délices du Palais in the city’s 14th arrondissement, will now be the official baker for the French president for the next year. He beat 186 rivals, although 50 were disqualified for exceeding size and weight limits. Read more:

Venice votes on independence
A referendum is taking place this week in Italy’s northwest region of Veneto, which includes Venice, on whether it should split from the rest of Italy. The idea of independence is popular in the affluent region, where people resent taxes being siphoned off and redirected to the poorer south of the country. The vote will not be legally binding, but if the majority vote in favour there are plans for the region to start withholding taxes from Rome in a unilateral declaration of independence. Read more:

Rolling Stones to play at ancient monument in Rome
The Rolling Stones will play a concert to around 65,000 fans in Rome this June, but a senior archaeologist has objected to the use of the Circus Maximus as the venue. She fears that the influx of revellers and staging equipment could cause damage to the 2400-year-old ancient site and disrupt archaeological work going on there. Rome’s mayor has stated that he wants to …read more


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