Planeteer: Russian visas for Crimea, Lufthansa strikes this week, Spanish church claims holy grail

Basílica de San Isidoro de León. Image by Ramón Cutanda López / CC BY 2.0

Get the best travel news here curated by Lonely Planet Destination Editors, who use their expertise to bring you the stories that matter from all over the world. In today’s edition: Russia has started issuing visas for Crimea, strikes will affect 3800 Lufthansa flights this week and a church in Spain has claimed it is guarding the holy grail.

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Stories curated by Lonely Planet’s Europe Destination Editors: Jo Cooke, James Smart, Brana Vladisavljevic, Kate Morgan, Anna Tyler and Gemma Graham.

Basílica de San Isidoro de León. Image by Ramón Cutanda López / CC BY 2.0

Spanish church claimed to guard the holy grail
A new book called Kings of the Grail, by two Spanish historians, claims that an ancient goblet kept in the basilica of San Isidoro in León, Spain, is the holy grail. The book identifies the goblet of Doña Urraca, daughter of Fernando I, as the chalice used by Jesus at the last supper. Crowds of visitors swarmed the basilica last week and the goblet was removed from display until a larger exhibition space is found. Read more:

Russia introduces visas for Crimea
Russia’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement saying that foreigners who wish to enter Crimea now need to obtain a Russian visa from a Russian embassy or consulate. Foreigners who are already in Crimea without a Russian visa need to contact the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Simferopol office for information if they want to leave. Read more:

Strikes affect 3800 Lufthansa flights
As many as 425,000 Lufthansa passengers will be affected this week as pilots strike over pay. The German airline has announced the cancellation of 3800 of its flights on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the largest strike in the company’s history. Emergency food and sleeping arrangements have been provided for passengers who did not receive email and SMS notifications. Read more:



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