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Puerto Vallarta  believe it or not there is still a huge air of mystery around Vacation villa rentals.  It is for rich people! Only the 1% can afford it!  There are no services like Hotels offer! See below a great article from USA TODAY Travel Section that dispels these myths.

Five myths about villa rentals

Everett Potter, Special for USA TODAY 4:38 p.m. EDT July 12, 2016
Renting a villa in the Caribbean, Europe or Mexico can be an extraordinary vacation experience. Unfortunately, villa rentals are just for the super-rich. Or is that merely an outdated notion that’s become a myth? Here are five myths about villa rentals.

  1. A really great hotel is the pinnacle of lodging.

Many people would disagree and say the opposite is true, that a villa experience can go way above and beyond a hotel stay, especially with a group.
“Villas can be a delightful and cost-effective solution for those desiring lots of space, multiple bedrooms for family members or travel companions, and the ability to have meals in a more relaxed, informal setting,” says Marlene Singer of Lake Shore Travel in Glencoe, Ill.  “Private pools, access to golf or tennis, and proximity to a destination’s delights all are part of the package. In many locations, cooks, maids and other staff provide a home-away-from-home atmosphere with all the chores removed from the experience.”
Even for those who aren’t looking to be waited on hand and foot, “villa rentals are great for multi-generational family trips as most villas come with a fully equipped kitchen,” says Lisa Leavitt of, a Newton, Mass.-based boutique travel agency. ”Some of them let you pre-order groceries to have on hand when you arrive. This saves on costs so big groups don’t have to dine out for every meal. Another perk is that you are not fighting the masses trying to get on the hotel elevator or elbowing people to get in line at the buffet table.”

  1. Villa rentals are only for the one percent.

Given the sky-high rental prices for many luxury villas, you might think that’s the case. But experts say that as with hotels, you have to shop around for the best deal.
“There really is a range when it comes to booking villas and several different villa rental companies to check,” Leavitt of Active Travels says. “So if I can’t find something in my client’s budget range, I just keep searching for the right fit.”
While the price may initially make your jaw drop, it’s critical to do the math and look closely at how many people the villa can comfortably accommodate. The fact is that on a per person, per night basis, a villa rental is often available at a better price than a comparable hotel stay. Take Villa Aquamare,  a five-star estate compound of three beachside villas on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. Each villa is 8,000 square feet and has five bedrooms, comfortably sleeping 10 people, with rates from $2,500 per villa, per night.
“That’s $510 per bedroom, per night,” says Guillermo Paz, owner of Villa Aquamare, “or just $255 per person, per night. But remember it’s not just a bedroom. It is 8,000 square feet of living, dining and kitchen space, with terraces, a private infinity pool and a sandy beach in a completely private estate compound.”

  1. The service level at a villa can’t compare to that of a five-star hotel.

In fact, experts say that the opposite can be true and that some villas can go way above and beyond a five-star hotel property.
“The companies that we work with, like Villas of Distinction, hire local representatives who maintain the properties and act as a concierge team,” says Leavitt of Active Travels. “They will do all the tasks that a hotel concierge will do, like make dinner reservations, arrange for car rentals or activities, and sometimes, they will go above and beyond if you ask them.  Once, they found a mariachi band to have on hand for a wedding proposal. Thankfully, the answer was ‘Yes!’ ”
Paz of Villa Aquamare notes that included in the price of Villa Aquamare are the services of “a private concierge, head housekeeper and two maids dedicated to one family or group. For the price, it’s impossible to get that level of personalized service in a hotel.”
Villas can take the concept of service to levels that a hotel can’t touch. For example, “if you like spa services at a resort, you are beholden to their times and availability, whereas in a villa, spa services can be brought to your door when you want them,” says Steven Lassman of Villas of Distinction, which rents properties worldwide. The same level of flexibility often exists in dining arrangements. Lassman says that “at a five-star hotel you are subject to the restaurants and menus offered with limited ability to adjust the menu to your taste. Also, seating large parties can be challenging in hotel restaurants. However, in a villa your table is always ready and your personal chef can prepare meals based on your tastes and desires, and serve them when you are ready, not only when the restaurant is open.”

  1. I know what I’m getting when I book a hotel, but I have no idea about the quality of a villa.

While it’s true that there is no brand equivalent in a villa, Lassman of Villas of Distinction notes that “all of our villas are completely inspected and vetted by our team of professionals to ensure the quality of each and every villa that we offer.”
While travelers will find many upscale properties on vacation rental websites, the real advantage of working with a professional villa rental company or a travel agent is a guarantee of a level of quality.
“The more reputable villa companies travel at least once a year to investigate each home on the various islands and destinations they represent,” Leavitt says. “They update photos and write extensive reports on each one. I can’t stress highly enough to go with a reputable villa company rather than looking randomly online.”

  1. If something breaks, jams or leaks when I’m there, I’ll have to fix it or live with it.

Most reputable villa companies have property managers nearby who can be reached 24/7. Villas of Distinction, for example, has staff or management partners in each of their destinations, says Lassman, “so if something goes wrong the client doesn’t have to fix it or live with it. Villas of Distinction offers a 24-hour, seven days a week customer service phone number that clients can call in the unlikely event that something breaks, jams or leaks while staying at the villa.”
The Villa experience is a completely different experience then a Vacation Destination Hotel or Resort.  When you choose a private home for your next vacation accomodations you will have the greatest luxury of privacy and a personalized holiday.  Meals and activities as you choose. If you have never rented a private vacation villa before you will never stay in a hotel again.  Contact us at Beston Properties , we offer the finest Luxury Villa Vacation Rental Accommodations in the Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita area.  We are one of the few luxury villa rental companies located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  and have dedicated personal concierges to help with all details from Vallarta weather and maps.   Our Concierge will be happy to help or check out  Vallarta Adventures, and VisitPuertoVallarta to get to know more about activities and Puerto Vallarta a truly  magical vacation destination

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