Puerto Vallarta Air Travel To Mexico Real People Tell Us…

Flying is safer than you think.  After speaking with 3 people who flew into Puerto Vallarta International Airport recently and all gave very good reports.   All agreed that Puerto Vallarta airport was very organized and was managing the new Covid Protocol in a very professional and organized manner, in all cases  better then they were seeing in US Airports.  Upon arrival you will have your Temperature checked, given hand sanitizer and require to give a brief health history regarding any symptoms or expose to Covid as well as giving a contact option for possible tracing.

The 3 travelers gave the below comments all were people I know personally so I know their risk and anxiety barometers.  All are people who are avoiding any behavior or exposure and would not travel by air to Puerto Vallarta unless they had done sufficient research prior to the trip.  Note 2 of the 3 travelers where in their early 60s.

John:  Flew from San Francisco with layover in Los Angeles in early July 2020.  Of the 3 John has the highest level of anxiety and manages his life with the strictest level of care regarding exposure to Covid, hence for him to travel and give his ok is a lot.  Note he did wear a face mask and plexiglass face shield, as well as very regular use of hand sanitizer and sanitized all items he would touch when he sat down (seatbelt, tray table, arm rests).  As well he did not eat or drink on the flight to avoid the need to remove his mask.

Denise: Flew direct from Los Angeles in July 2020.  Denise was lucky enough to be able to upgrade to first class, she also used a mask and plexiglass face shield.  She said the airplane was a bit fuller then she hoped but over all she felt safe and will be traveling again in the next month.  She also used hand sanitizer thru the trip as needed and was very careful when drinking from her own water bottle.

Alan:  traveled in September 2020 he is only in his mid 30’s but traveled with his wife and children, all used face masks, the parents used plexiglass shields as well.  They used hand sanitizer on a regular basis when needed, they said it was a bit more concern the prior air travel but over all felt safe enough to travel again soon

In the slow return to air travel there have been few reports of Covid contracted thru flights were face masks and either eye protection or plexiglass shields were used.  These are simple details we all need to add to our daily life and are a small price to pay to have freedom to move around, and have life go back to a more normal status.

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