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Beef Dip Puerto Vallarta

The Beef Dip is allegedly the hottest gay event in Puerto Vallarta of the year…for bears. Bears aren’t just big hairy, beefy guys from Chicago. They are any gay man who wants to join in on the funnest time a guy can have in Puerto Vallarta. Thousands of bears may be an exaggeration but in truth you can expect to see hundreds joining the Beef Dip, seven straight days of party, party, party. The dates are Sunday January 26th – Sunday February 2nd, 2020 and if you’re not booked yet, there is still time! There will be cruises, circuit parties with dancing going all through the night, an official Beef Dip Pub Crawl. Also on the agenda are a SPLASH pool party, beach BBQ, and booze cruise. For those still up to it, there will be a wild trek ATV tour, canopy zipline, and the week will close with a White Winter Party, which will give everyone a chance to get dressed up, rather than dressed down!

An official welcoming party at The Blue Chairs resort from 3 – 9 pm on Day One starts the week of events with complimentary appetizers and a complimentary special Beef Dip margarita. Hosts will be available to answer questions in English and Spanish; everyone will get to check out new and seasoned bears, cubs and their admirers. This is not an experience for only gay men. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome and it’s a guarantee of fun, fun, fun. The Blue Chairs is an old institution in Puerto Vallarta, with killer views from the top floor, where the welcoming/meet and greet party will be held. You will find your official dog tags there and all the necessary identifications, which will give you discounts to many of the establishments in downtown Puerto Vallarta. Don’t forget to bring your printed ticket and photo ID to get signed in properly. We’ve heard you should also be able to pick up your tags at any of the events.

Two parties not to miss are the Wet and Wild pool party and the Big Beef Dipper Dinner Party. For the dinner, reservations are highly recommended; you wouldn’t want to miss out.

A Facebook page is set up for more information, as well as a website https://www.beefdip.com/.

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