Puerto Vallarta: Don’t Curse the Cobblestones

Stones of all shapes, sizes and textures have been used globally since the beginning of architecture and construction. Houses, fences, churches, barns, corrals, roads, among other structures have put good use to provisions from Mother Earth. It’s an alternative to the use of other natural resources, such as trees, which must be destroyed to be utilized and don’t have the same endurance. It takes a long time to burn a rock.
We complain about bumpy roads in Puerto Vallarta and curse potholes that sometimes seem like canyons and always slow us down. That’s a good thing. We save on gas, from not rushing around and probably save a few lives in the process. There are children, pets and livestock who are thankful for the cobblestones, forcing us to take our time and be in less of a hurry.
Cobble comes from the base word cob, which actually means rounded lump in archaic English. It’s stone made round by erosion caused by water and these are retrieved from river beds and streams, as well as the ocean’s shore.
A road made with cobbles may be bumpy but it will not develop ruts. It does produce potholes, as we know but there will be no ridges to cause grief for your tires. Heavy mud is not a byproduct of cobblestones and in deep water, which is common during rainy season, your car will get better traction.
On roads in Puerto Vallarta, cobbles are set in mortar, which is also used for repair, something that must be attended to annually. Cracking, which is caused by movement during heavy storms and earthquakes, occurs only on pavement and asphalt. You’ll not see cracks on cobblestone streets.
Some people, especially tourists, like the quaintness and artistic nature of cobblestone streets. Though they seem valuable for historic reasons, they do have practicality. Since people who travel to Puerto Vallarta are not likely to pay much attention to motor vehicle/pedestrian laws, the cobblestones actually create a safety measure. People can hear cars and buses approaching on the noisy surface and avoid being run over. That’s a good thing, too.
For those suggesting paving over the cobblestones? This would lead to instant erosion caused by the heavy traffic in Puerto Vallarta and soon would be full of fractures and fissures.
Though we don’t have any personal experience, we do find it fascinating when witnessing women (and sometimes men) walk along cobblestones in perilously high heels. They do tend to make one feel rather awkward, tripping over one’s own toe, on perfectly level pavement.
Cobblestones in Puerto Vallarta are just as intrinsic to her design and personality as the stones that roll upon the seashore.
Que es cómo es.

Thanks to our guest blogger Adam Garcia for this article!

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