Puerto Vallarta Jazz Festival

Puerto Vallarta Jazz Festival

We love to introduce friends to new acts in town and there is always an element of surprise. Many people find it hard to believe there is so much talent in Puerto Vallarta. It’s impossible to find a night during high season that entertainment isn’t available. We’ve been aware of this abundance of musical acts for quite some time, be it classical, blues, rock and roll, reggae or other wonderful forms. Puerto Vallarta has long encouraged youth to learn dance and music.

To showcase some of these students, there is an annual jazz festival and it’s right around the corner. Just in time to share love and friendship, the Puerto Vallarta Jazz Festival is held from February 13 – 17.

Mary Jo Papich, founding member of the Jazz Ed Network in Chicago, Illinois, is the artistic director, and will be presenting vocal and instrumental ensembles with kids who come to Puerto Vallarta for this amazing workshop. The students, from high schools and college/university groups near and far will have the honor of performing with professional jazz musicians, as well and attending amazing clinics. Ms. Papich has every right to be very proud of the Jazz Education Network (JEN) that presents itself as a global community, encouraging and motivating the conversation of music with students, teachers, pros and aficionados.

With sponsors such at The Berklee College of Music, the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation, Fender Musical Instruments Corp, The University of New Orleans School of Arts, and others, JEN is well known around the musical world. We are so excited to have these presentations again in Puerto Vallarta.

There will be two not-to-be-missed performances on February 14th at Parque Hidalgo from 6 pm – 9 pm and another presentation at Parque Lazaro Cardenas on February 15th, 6 pm – 9 pm.

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