Puerto Vallarta: Keeping Cool?

“In the summertime when it’s hot an’ sticky, You know stayin’ cool gets to be Just a little bit tricky” Delbert McClinton Alright By Me
Puerto Vallarta is a great place to be in the summer months but for one thing: the heat. Though the temperature doesn’t fluctuate much through the seasons, the humidly does, having a profound effect on the thermometer.
The number one solution is fans, of course, and there are few Puerto Vallarta households without them. There’s much argument as to what direction they should go and you’ll find a little button in the vicinity of the blades that will direct the air either clockwise (down) or counterclockwise (up). The latter will push the warm air up, which is a good thing to remember after the cooler months when we keep the fans rotating simply to keep air moving.
Floor fans, of all shapes and sizes, which should be placed around the household, can be directed straight at one’s bed in the night. There are tricks to keep cool that are very popular in the tropics such as Puerto Vallarta. Place a large pan of ice on a chair between your bed and the fan; it will act like an air conditioner. If you use box fans (the square type) place them in the window so they’re pushing the hot air out.
We reserve our satin pillows and sheets to cry on, though consensus tells us that some sleepers prefer them in hot weather. Our preference is cotton, the higher the thread-count the better. Cotton actually takes in the body heat; loose cotton clothing such as cotton pajamas absorb sweat to keep one cooler. Then there’s the birthday suit; the most efficient solution.
In desperation we have shoved pillow cases, sheets and when there is room, a whole pillow in the freezer, pulling them out just before bedtime and making the bed, hopping into it quickly and falling asleep in blissful cool. Make sure you place the bedding in plastic bags first to keep them dry and avoid frozen pizza odors.
That hot water bottle you use in the winter to keep your feet warm? Use it to make an ice-pack in the warmer months and shift it around the bed, wrapped in a towel to absorb the moisture. Another trick with ice is to apply it to your pulse points any time of day (wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, and behind the knees); a good excuse to order an icy cold drink.
Keeping yourself hydrated is also a good way to combat overheating and avoiding alcohol prior to saying goodnight will be conducive to good sleep. Hammocks are also recommended for airflow, plus keeping all windows open, screened and secure.
Cold showers any time of day and loose clothing! Think Muumuu. Good luck and keep cool.
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Thanks to our guest blogger Adam Garcia for this article!

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