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Home Swapping in Puerto Vallarta

Home swapping has become very popular in the past couple decades and Puerto Vallarta loves the idea. It gives people a chance to see our city, as well as Puerto Vallarta homeowners having an inexpensive getaway. If you consider this type of travel risky, don’t like the idea of people touching your stuff, or you have privacy issues, this is not for you. However there are a lot of people doing it these days and those with the most posh homes get to stay in glamorous New York high-rise apartments and swanky beach villas. We’ve yet to hear a bad trip story. There’s a trade at every level and once you scan the sites, you’re sure to find something with a match to your home in Puerto Vallarta. Of course, the nicer your home, the better swap you will have. Some people offer the use of a vehicle, too. It’s a great way to travel.

There are several different ways to swap homes. Simultaneous swap is the most common. Simply swap homes on an agreed upon time frame. Non-simultaneous usually works well with second homes, great for people going on vacation and not wanting to leave an empty house. Different dates are chosen for the swap. Some companies offer point systems; you allow guests to stay in your home in Puerto Vallarta while you’re on vacation or business and redeem your points in homes participating in the program. There’s also a method commonly referred to as hospitality exchange, which give travelers the chance to be hosted in someone’s extra bedroom, while putting themselves on a list to do the same on a date in the future. Then there’s house-sitting, which sometimes includes pet care, but can often run into weeks and even months; a great way to live abroad, see the sites and not be rushed.

Our experience has been one of making new friends outside of Puerto Vallarta, visiting places we might not ordinarily have the chance to see. Staying in suburban areas has a great appeal; especially when there’s a good public transportation system. When traveling, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone, learn about the area and its cultural contributions, and discover interesting historical facts. If you’re staying in someone’s home, you have the opportunity to meet their neighbors. Many home-exchangers let their neighboring apartments or houses know there will be someone unfamiliar staying in their place. This gives you the chance to know the locals, which is, by far, the best way to travel to any destination.

Good places to start your adventure are homeexhange.com, homelink.com, and intervac-homeexchange.com. Buen viaje!

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