Puerto Vallarta Seniors Go Wild!

Many retirees come to Puerto Vallarta with no interest in the culture whatsoever. They are looking for sunshine, good medical and dental care, an active social life and affordable prices. Most of these people are educated, retiring with a nice nest egg and somewhat business savvy. They know what they’re looking for and they usually find a lot of contemporaries.
Coffee shops, restaurants, bars at Hora de Feliz (Happy Hour), card tables, golf courses and swimming pools are testament to this and there are people willing to line and up and tell you how happy they are about their decision to relocate in Puerto Vallarta. YouTube is full of them! According to the U.S. Department of State, one million American citizens of all ages live in Mexico and it’s estimated about 35,000 of those live in Jalisco. Snowbirds are those who come in the fall, stay for six months and leave when the weather gets too hot but the amount who stay year round continues to grow for good reasons.
It’s not a requirement to learn Spanish to live in Puerto Vallarta, although many take classes with ulterior motives of meeting like-minded seniors. Doctors, dentists, bartenders, waiters and most other significant contacts speak English.
Stores like Costco, Home Depot and the North American aisles of major grocery stores appeal to US and Canadian citizens who find there is little lack of the products they are accustomed to. Medications are far cheaper, too.
The US and Canadian dollar will give retirees a lot more bang for their buck, whether they rent or own and Mexico continues to change constitutional law to make foreign ownership palatable and secure.
Best of all, the lifestyle makes all the difference in the world. Without ever intending to, one learns patience and how to relax, coming from a fast paced business and/or social life. Amenities that were once unaffordable become routine, such as having a gardener, who understands the plant life and isn’t bothered by working in intense heat. Having a maid keeps the local economy going and gives one more beach or golf course time. These people will also give one a chance to practice the language and give us a glimpse into Mexican homesteads.
Good health is an added benefit. Fresh fish, fruits and vegetables make for an improved way of life and many find, to their pleasure, not all Mexican foods are spicy.
Even those who had no intention of partaking in cultural events find themselves delighting in the many festivals, markets and benefits that are the social life of the high season in Puerto Vallarta.
We suggest a good shakedown cruise, by land or by sea, spending a few weeks, before uprooting but at the end of the day, Puerto Vallarta is our best recommendation.
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Thanks to our guest blogger Adam Garcia for this article!

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