Puerto Vallarta’s Beaches

The natural attractions that make Puerto Vallarta a magical place are three in number: the Sierra Madre Mountains, the rivers that flow down from them, and the Pacific Ocean. These come together in this extraordinary beach resort. We invite you to bask in Puerto Vallarta’beaches, where you will find endless activities to participate in, albeit scuba diving, walking on the gold sandy beaches, whale and dolphin watching, and in the near future, listening to the mesmerizing sound of waves or, taking in one of Vallarta’s unparalleled sunsets.

Playa de Oro Beach

Located north of the city, Playa de Oro (or Gold Beach) is ample, safe and clean, bordered by rocky configurations that lend the tiny bay its peculiar and welcoming touch. Surrounded by an arch of large hotels, you’ll be able to enjoy a number of recreational activities and aquatic sports, such as parasailing, waterskiing and swimming. Playa de Oro is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Vallarta amongst locals and visitors alike.

Los Muertos Beach

Likely the most famous, the most visited and the most sought out, Los Muertos beach is located at the south end of the Malecón and the Río Cuale, with a number of international hotels as its backdrop. Otherwise known as Old Town or Zona Romántica, the beach here caters to families and honeymooners alike and is a wonderful place to watch the sun set. At the far end of the Malecón, adjacent to Los Muertos‘ shore, you will find a vast variety of restaurantsbars,galleries, boutique and souvenir shops, among other attractions. Not to mention a large number of locals and foreigners, making this beach area ideal for fun and entertainment, albeit day or night; a place that merges the best of both worlds: traditional and modern.

Las Gemelas Beach

Las Gemelas are a pair of beaches, each approximately 100m in length, distinguished by their fine white sand, clear blue water and gentle onshore waves. Here you will find many water activities to choose from. Swimmingsnorkelingkayakingwalking, climbing the rocks that divide the beaches, browsing for crabs and minnows, and finally, relaxing and sunbathing under a cluster of palm trees.

Conchas Chinas Beach

Conchas Chinas is one of the most fascinating beaches you’re likely to find in Vallarta. Only a few minutes south of the city, Conchas Chinas is nestled between the lush green mountains and aquamarine ocean lapping at its pristine, sandy white shores. Enjoy the natural pools formed by encircling rocks, a roasted fish on a stick; relax and enjoy yourself as you rarely have before. Thanks to the clarity of its waters you’ll be able to peer into their depths and see the wide variety of fish and sea life to be found; an experience you’ll never forget. One of the most pristine city beaches available.


Mismaloya Beach

Located at the southernmost point in Puerto VallartaMismaloya lies at the foot of the mountains in its own blue/green bay. If you want to enjoy some of the best views Vallarta has to offer, its roadside vantage points, itshotels, their terraces and several beach restaurants are the best places to see them from. Mismaloya is famous for having been the beach chosen by John Huston to film Tennessee Williams’ 1964 film, “The Night of the Iguana”.  The ruins of the construction still exist at the far end of the beach. Diring rainy season, this beautiful river swells to new levels, offering a vast array of flowers and birds for the most avid bird watcher.

Garza Blanca Beach

Garza Blanca beach is not to be left behind. There is still public access to it at the side of the developments on it, a road that leads all the way to the beach. This small and discreet beach is located at kilometer 7 on the Pacific Coast Highway, a bit south of Las Gemelas. Its pristine white sand and aquamarine waters will delight the senses. Come, relax, feel and inhale the tranquility of this extraordinary retreat.

Los Arcos National Marine Park

This incredible marine park is situated between Las Gemelas and Mismaloya. Don’t miss the opportunity to boat,snorkel, or SCUBA dive through the deep tunnels, caves, colorful reefs and arches of these amazing islands, and get to know the numerous forms of sea life and birds that make Los Arcos their home. These islands seem to float on the surface of some of the most profound waters of the Pacific. The unforgettable image will stick with you for many years to come.

Boca de Tomatlán Beach

Between jutting hills, trees and palms, where the sweet waters of a river crash into the sea, lies the small fishing village of Boca de Tomatlán, the last beach accessible by land before the highway turns inland.  Several restaurants stand on its shore, where you can hire the famous pangas, or water taxis, to take you to the island beaches of Yelapa, Quimixto, Majahuitas and Las Animas. Now is the time to get on board and discover more of the Pacific. From Boca de Tomatlán onwards, you will need to take a water taxi to see the rest of Vallarta’s beaches.


Las Ánimas Beach

Las Ánimas is a beach distinguished by its golden sand; to the right of its division by a line of rocks is the tourist section; to the left is a much more private beach called El Caballito (Little Horse). Behind it stand imposing mountains and before it the Pacific, colored a light blue due to its shallow depths, which make it perfect forswimmingsnorkelingSCUBA diving, and kayaking. Or if you only want to relax here, you can sunbathe on any of the reclining sun chairs in front of its many restaurants after you have enjoyed a delicious meal of fresh seafood. The are several houses here for rent.

Quimixto Beach

Whether arriving here by boat or panga, those of you who seek new stories or experiences will find the small village of Quimixto, its population approximately 250. Visitors to this beach can either walk or ride a rented horse inland, where you will eventually find a high waterfall with a large and deep lagoon for swimming or snorkeling. Afterwards you can return to the mainland and beach to have a home-cooked meal at any one of the seafood/Mexicanrestaurants there
. In order to discover and enjoy the variety of sea life at Quimixto, do not fail to dive into its waters, where you will see a world of tropical fish, sea turtles, coral, and so much more.

Majahuitas Beach

beach of fine white sand, Majahuitas lies at the foot of a lush jungle, accompanied by the sounds of wildlife, wrapped up in the gentle blue of the bay. Wander in this spectacular area, with its inlets and sunken canyon you must see for yourself. Climb aboard an adventure on a kayak, or simply walk along the beach and observe the singing of birds and curious reptiles.

Yelapa Beach

Do you want to go to a place “where waters meet and swirl”.  That is the meaning of the name Yelapa, a picturesque beachside village that opens its doors for you to explore its landscapes, about two hours away from Boca de Tomatlán by water taxi. It is a place distinguished by its color, its tradition, its gentle people who, for the most part, dedicate their lives to fishing and tourism. Given that it is a traditional village, you must try its dishes of Mexican food, fresh fish and lobster. Yelapa, the perfect place to ‘lose’ yourself in the jungle, wade through rivers, or take up sports such as swimming in its gentle water, SCUBA diving or fishing, or taking long walks in the village until you reach its waterfall, more than 50 meters high, that falls from the mountain in the rainy season (June to September). Those who have had enough of tours and excitement may simply choose to relax on the beach for hours on end.

Cabo Corrientes

Continuing along the bay you will soon arrive at Mayto Beach, where you will encounter a diversity of plants and animals, as well as the largest sea turtle conservation and release camp in Jalisco. If it’s a meal you’re after, don’t miss Tehuamixtle beach, which is renowned for its large oysters and shrimp at low prices, on a small beach 200m long. Not far from here lies Villa Del Mar beach, where the waves become agitated and the vibrant green vistas continue to impose themselves. There is an estuary here where you can kayak, or if you stay on land, you can sample its variety of locally grown crops, including fruit. Have fun and enjoy our beaches

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