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Puerto Vallarta, Turtle release. Every summer in late June or early July the turtle eggs begin to hatch and the baby turtles crawl out of the buried nest in the sandy beaches and start walking towards the ocean. The mother turtles arrive approx 45 days earlier to lay their eggs in the sand, and from then on the babies are on their own. Sadly there are people who dig up the eggs to sell and of course there are natural preditors who threaten the eggs prior to hatching. Years ago the Puerto Vallarta Casa Magna Resort and hotel wanted to remove the turtle eggs to make space for guests to use the beach and the built a Turtle Egg Nursery nearby. Ironically they found the caregiving of the eggs and subsequent baby turtle release to be one of the best Public Relations plans they could have dreamed of. Now known for their ecological friendly program and massive baby turtle release program, the hotel attracts thousands of people who come to release the baby turtles into the sea. Now many other resorts are involved as well with the help of professional marine biologists. The Olive Ridley or Pacific Ridley Sea Turtle is one of the most well known species and grows to an impressive size of 2 feet in length for the shell alone and up to 100 lbs. and have been considered threatened for many years. There are several great websites for more information check out See Turtles, Sea Turtle Conservancy, National Geographic, N.E.S.T the Network for endangered Sea Turtles
Puerto Vallarta is well known as a natural wonder come and check out some of the many wonderful natural excursions and explore.
For more information see the below data from Banderas News.
It’s a unique educational opportunity, as the resort’s recreational staff takes the opportunity to familiarize participants with the Olive Ridley turtle, explaining their life cycle and physical characteristics, while creating environmental awareness and encouraging others to help save them.
Afterwards, participants are invited to name the turtles, wish them luck and set them free. The turtles are returned to the sea at the edge of the resort’s beach, where some of them will return a decade later to start the process all over again. For more information, call 322-226-0000 or 1-800-228-9290 FREE toll free from the US and Canada.
There are also a number of ecological groups that run turtle camps and nurseries in the greater Banderas Bay area, where you can help newborn turtles through the first steps of their lives. Among them are: Campamentos Tortugueros Puerto Vallarta, a 2 km stretch of beach from Playa de Oro to Playa los Tules in the northern part of Puerto Vallarta; and, in Riviera Nayarit, Grupo Ecologico de la Costa Verde’s Marine Turtle Nursery, Platanitos Turtle Camp and Grupo Ecologico de Nayarit’s Playa el Naranjo.
During the summer and fall months, travelers can volunteer or go on tours of these nurseries and nesting sites to learn about the fascinating life cycle of sea turtles for just one night or by participating in a two-month-long volunteer project, subject to availability. For more information, visit project-tortuga.org.
Before the development of programs such as these, only 40% of the eggs that were laid along the shores of Banderas Bay survived, but today, thanks to programs such as these, almost 96% of the eggs deposited are incubated successfully.
Everyone is invited to come and witness this wonder of nature, while participating in the conservation of endangered marine turtles. Without a doubt, to be in such close contact with nature is an unforgettable experience for all ages.
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