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Time for a Good Nap

High season is winding down and even though there are still many activities, the town has quieted and we feel more relaxed and looking forward to summer nights with friends, cool breezes coming off the ocean, and early mornings, the best time for a good walk around the neighborhood. In Puerto Vallarta, these actions call for a nice siesta in the afternoon to preserve energy for the evening and catch up following an early rising.

We have read time and again that naps are a regular routine for successful people; statistics show that nappers have less heart issues and better all-around good health. Not just in Puerto Vallarta, the siesta is a symbol of intelligent and healthy behavior. Smart people in hot climates, such as Puerto Vallarta, are known to sleep through the hottest part of the day, eat a light dinner in the cool evening hours after sundown, and accomplish more in their waking hours.

Siesta originates from the Latin hora sexta, which means the sixth hour. In many cultures, a day actually began at dawn, making the sixth hour noon, a perfect time to rest, collect thoughts, ideas, and future inventions, following what should be the best and largest meal of the day. Practiced in the Mediterranean and the South of Europe (riposo in Italy), as well as the Philippines and much of Latin America, it’s common for businesses to close, giving both proprietors and guests a chance to stay at home, have a midday feast, and a well deserved break. Siesta is not limited to countries with warm climates; South American countries, regardless of year round temperatures, make it a practice.

Studies have shown that Mexicans and Japanese are the hardest working cultures, putting to bed the image of a large belly under a sombrero sleeping beneath a cactus. Therefore, in Puerto Vallarta, the siesta should never be viewed as a symbol of laziness, but one of purpose and brilliance. The siesta has been around since the beginning of time, when smart people in hot climates, such as Puerto Vallarta, sleep through the hottest part of the day and eat a light dinner in the cool evening hours, after the sun has gone down.

When homeostatic sleep and circadian rhythms, the subjects of sleep, are the topic of talk shows and scientific studies, we know we have made the correct choice of living in the paradise we find in Puerto Vallarta.

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