When to Visit Puerto Vallarta

There are some debates as to the best time for a visit Puerto Vallarta. Low season has been called so due to the lack of tourists. We have been told by some who live in Puerto Vallarta however, this can be the best time of year to plan a holiday. The streets are less busy, restaurants have no wait lines, beaches are less cluttered with bodies and there is not nearly the garbage problem of high season.

The weather has a huge bearing on when many people choose to travel, regardless of their destination. Puerto Vallarta’s rates tend to fluctuate with the sun and rain. May and June are lovely, not too hot and very affordable. Prices go down even further from July to September but the humidity can be unbearable for some. Summertime is also the official rainy season; it often rains in the morning or afternoon and leaves the rest of the day clear for sightseeing and beach time.

Whales migrate north in the summer months so if it’s a main goal to see them, the time to go is December to March. That’s also when airfares and hotels charge the most. There is less likely chance of rain during this period of time but no guarantees there either. It has been known to rain for several winter days in a row in continuous downpours.

Tropical thunder storms in any season are fantastic to watch and it’s amazing to witness the clouds blow in and see the rain coming in one’s direction, pass on, either out to sea or over the mountains.

Spring break is either the best time or the worst time to visit, depending on who you are. Clubs cater to youth and the streets of the Malecón are flooded with revelers, often eager to have their first experience in a bar. More expensive hotels are often quiet during this time, kids tending to stay in more hostel-type environments or at the less expensive all-inclusives.

Puerto Vallarta welcomes travelers during all seasons and most business stay open year round, with only a handful closing for the month of September and taking vacations of their own. Buen viaje!

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Thanks to our guest blogger Adam Garcia for this article!

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