Wolves head for Paris, base jumpers break world record in Dubai, dolphins protect swimmer from possible shark attack in New Zealand

Trams in Kraków, Poland. Image by Michał /CC BY-SA 2.0

Get the best travel news here curated by Lonely Planet Destination Editors, who use their expertise to bring you the stories that matter from all over the world. In today’s edition: wolves advance on Paris, the base jump world record is broken in Dubai and dolphins protect a swimmer from a shark in New Zealand.

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24 April is…
The anniversary of the fall of Troy in 1184 BC
Changu Narayan Jatra, Nepal
Republic Day in The Gambia


Stories curated by Lonely Planet’s Europe Destination Editors: Jo Cooke, James Smart, Brana Vladisavljevic, Kate Morgan, Anna Tyler and Gemma Graham.

Trams in Kraków, Poland. Image by Michał / CC BY-SA 2.0

E-cigarettes banned from Kraków’s public transport
Kraków’s counsellors have voted in favour of a ban on e-cigarettes across the city’s public transport network. While the vapour isn’t toxic, the cigarette replacements are often flavoured and many people dislike the smell. The law will be effective from May and follows similar bans imposed in other Polish cities, including Warsaw and Poznan. Read more: thenews.pl

Balkan lynx threatened by hydropower plants project in Macedonia
An internet petition is trying to prevent plans for the building of two large hydropower plants in Macedonia’s Mavrovo National Park. The park is the habitat of the Balkan lynx, an endangered species. It’s estimated that only about 50 animals remain alive and environmentalists are concerned that the construction of power plants may lead to the species’ extinction. Read more: rainforest-rescue.org

‘Tetris’ hotel to be built in Munich
Plans have been approved for a super-modern hotel in Munich, Germany, that resembles blocks from the retro computer game Tetris. Construction will begin on the all-new Hotel Königshof in 2017, following the demolition of its post-war predecessor in the city centre. The hotel is set to house a roof-top restaurant and a spa in addition to its 95 guest rooms. Read more: thelocal.de

iPad thief caught out by holiday snaps
A stolen iPad was tracked down and returned to its owner in Milan after pictures of a man and his family on holiday in Venice started appearing on the owner’s iCloud service. He took the pictures to the police, who recognised the man as a known thief. The police then confronted the thief with the pictures, forcing him to admit his crime and return the iPad. Read more: thelocal.it

Museum of fascism proposed in Italy
The centre-left mayor of Predappio in Emilia Romagna has proposed the creation of a museum of fascism in his town, which is famous as the birth and burial place of Benito Mussolini. The museum will be located in the Casa del Fascio, which is currently in a state of disrepair, and will provide visitors with an opportunity to reflect upon and come to terms with Italy’s 21-year fascist era. Read more: ansa.it

Petrified Forest of Lesvos, Greece. Image by …read more


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