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Today in Puerto Vallarta

This morning in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the weather was perfect for an early morning walk....


5 De Mayo

5 de Mayo is a very big day for Latinos in the United States, however...


Puerto Vallarta: Sports Enthusiasts

Puerto Vallarta Acuatlón Deportivo What is an Acuatlón Deportivo, you ask? It’s one tough sporting...


Puerto Vallarta & New Years Eve Traditions

On New Year’s Eve, in Puerto Vallarta, dinner is served late. Along with the usual...


Puerto Vallarta – Are You a Local or Resident?

Are You a Local or Resident? Let’s put this one to bed once and for...


Moving Along in Puerto Vallarta

As in the phrase “Move along, folks, nothing to see here…” we have found the...


Cooking Classes and food tours at El Arrayan, Puerto Vallarta

This … Is a special personalized experience with owner Carmen Porras. The concept at her...


Honey Is Good For You And Plentiful in Puerto Vallarta

Honey in Puerto Vallarta: There’s some good honey to be found in Puerto Vallarta. Vendors...


Puerto Vallarta News: Green Goodness

The Mighty Avocado Avocado toast is all the rage north of the border but it’s...


Vallarta Fiestas

Mexicans love a party and celebrate at any opportunity. Merriment, good food, drink, song, all...


Puerto Vallarta Likes Inpats

A new expression is making the rounds, including in Puerto Vallarta, describing people who choose...


Happy hour in Puerto Vallarta

Is it happy Hour yet? There is an old saying “its 5 o’clock somewhere, which...


Puerto Vallarta News: Drive, Cab, Uber

Getting Around Do you need a car in Puerto Vallarta? That’s very debatable, and the...


Puerto Vallarta Likes Lo De Marcos

Hidden beauties can be found along Highway 200 on the way to or from Puerto...


Puerto Vallarta – Lets Recycle!

Recycling in Puerto Vallarta We were very excited when we heard the bell of the...


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