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Puerto Vallarta South Side Shuffle

Puerto Vallarta The Southside Shuffle or just “the Shuffle” as those in the know call...


Puerto Vallarta: Keeping Cool?

“In the summertime when it’s hot an’ sticky, You know stayin’ cool gets to be...


Manuel Lepe Bday

Happy Birthday Manuel Lepe, Feliz Cumpliaños . The magic sense many people feel in Puerto...


Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas! Puerto Vallarta is very quiet early Christmas morning, the church bells...


Puerto Vallarta And Rosca Del Reyes

For a long time, we thought it quite strange to see Christmas decorations hanging in...


Puerto Vallarta Naturally Beautiful

Puerto Vallarta Naturally Beautiful is planning the next project. On November 14th there will be...



Sapphire UPDATE – The new Sapphire beach club restaurant at Los Muertos is the perfect...


Grapes, Panties and Sheep for New Years?

Most visitors who have been in Mexico on New Year’s Eve have eaten twelve grapes...


Dental Advantages in Puerto Vallarta

Now that we’ve determined it’s safe to go to Mexico, let’s discuss going there for...


Puerto Vallarta Beach News: Geckos

Love Our Geckos! Our first experience with geckos in Puerto Vallarta began as an annoying...


In Puerto Vallarta: It's Childs Play

Mexico has long been a world leader in toy making, along with China and Spain....


Vallarta Ramps Up Solar Energy

Solar Energy in Puerto Vallarta: Solar energy is not new. It was discovered and developed...


Puerto Vallarta & Traditional Christmas Foods

There is nothing quite as Mexican as a ritual and when it comes to such,...


Puerto Vallarta Foodie Report

Puerto Vallarta, Foodie report. Absolute best Nicoise Salad at Joe Jacks Fish Shack and the...


Puerto Vallarta & Their Sweets

Mexico is famous for chocolate, cinnamon (canela) and vanilla; most delicacies consist of one or...


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