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Direct flights to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. There are 23 cities in the USA with direct flights to Puerto...


Puerto Vallarta – Festival Vallarta, Whats That About?

International Folklore Festival Springtime, when everyone is in tune with feelings of renewal, Folklore Festivals...


Oscar Night in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta , Mexico. If you hate to miss the Oscars, you will be happy...


Puerto Vallarta – Travel Discounts

Fly the Cheaper Skies Everyone thinks there are tricks to fly back and forth between...


More Flights

Puerto Vallarta gets more flights. New flights with Southwest Airlines will have a direct flight...


Puerto Vallarta – A Fable From The Past

The Sleeping Warrior Fables abound in Mexico and are retold, embellished and treasured by everyone...


Puerto Vallarta – Who Knows What a Termite Swarm Is?

The first time we witnessed the arrival of The Termites in Puerto Vallarta was at...


Puerto Vallarta – Is It Growing? Yes

Puerto Vallarta has long been a bustling, active town. It didn’t start with the Hollywood...


Puerto Vallarta – What is a Sandia?

Sandia What a pleasure watermelon is. The color, the sweetness, the crunch, the freshness. We...


Puerto Vallarta – Taking Pup Out to Dine

Taking Pup Out to Dine Questions have arisen lately about the appropriateness of allowing your...


ART Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, has also been called Puerto V-ART-a, due to the amazing number of Art...


Better Late Than Never in Puerto Vallarta

Fools’ Day in Puerto Vallarta:  Be careful what you read in the news or see...


Puerto Vallarta – “Where are the bathrooms?”

¿Dónde está el baño, por favor? No matter where one is traveling, to the local...


What to know about the recent Mexico travel warnings

credit TRAVEL WEEKLY:  By Meagan Drillinger Following the March 3 kidnapping of four Americans in the...


Dinner in Punta Mita luxury villa

I was invited to have dinner in Casa Majani, a luxury vacation rental in Punta...


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