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Worth Discussing Amazon In Puerto Vallarta…?

Amazon:  We’d love to write about the river in South America but today we’re telling you about the company that sells everything! They recently opened a facility in Mexico and so far, reports from customers...

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Puerto Vallarta – ATMs Are Everywhere, What You Need To Know

ATM’s and How to Use Them This question arises again and again about how to get cash in Puerto Vallarta, and we do periodic updates to keep people in the know. The best way to...

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Puerto Vallarta – Summer Is Fun

Summer Fun in Puerto Vallarta When guests arrive to Puerto Vallarta in summer they usually want to spend the first couple days acclimating since the humidity climbs, usually beginning in May. The rise in temp...

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Luxury vacation Villas in Puerto Vallarta: what is the difference between “oceanfront” and “beachfront”

When it comes to booking a luxurious vacation villa in Puerto Vallarta, one of the key aspects to consider is its location. The terms "oceanfront" and "beachfront" are often used interchangeably, but there are some...

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Vallarta Vacations: Legal Holiday #25

Constitution Day   Puerto Vallarta loves any day when there’s a reason to celebrate. Constitution Day, on February 5th is recognized at the official date when the Mexican constitution was created in 1917. Drafted by...

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Puerto Vallarta – Three Things To Try Next July

Three Things to do next year in July in Puerto Vallarta It’s hot but more than that, it’s humid. Can you survive it though, that’s the question. We have spent many Julys in Puerto Vallarta...

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Puerto Vallarta Foodie update

Puerto Vallarta. Foodie Alert! A favorite restaurant Bistro Theresa has moved to a great new location –on the main plaza in downtown Puerto Vallarta. The old location was charming with a great view, but you...

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Today in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Today is Palm Sunday and if you were near the Cathedral of Guadalupe in the downtown historical district you could not miss the sound of the church bells ringing for the 8am...

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Five driving tips for Puerto Vallarta

Whether driving your own car or rental, there are pointers to be shared about the joys and hazards of getting around. Drive Defensively: We highly recommend you be a defensive driver in Puerto Vallarta and...

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Puerto Vallarta – Where To See Great Art?

The Walls of Puerto Vallarta Where a wall does not divide but brings together, this is what you will find in Puerto Vallarta. About five years ago more or less, we watched Natasha Moraga, fondly...

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Puerto Vallarta News: Health in Mexico

Mexico Healthcare Many articles have been published in the past couple years about Mexican health care. As someone who has been hospitalized in Puerto Vallarta, both in emergency, as well as scheduled hospital visits, we...

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When to Visit Puerto Vallarta

There are some debates as to the best time for a visit Puerto Vallarta. Low season has been called so due to the lack of tourists. We have been told by some who live in...

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Vallarta Day or Side Trip #25 – San Blas

San Blas: North of Puerto Vallarta, about a three hour drive, is the municipality of San Blas. We recommend finding accommodations for at least one overnight to explore the area. San Blas is rich in...

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Cielito Lindo: Puerto Vallarta

Cielito Lindo is often referred to as the other Mexican national anthem. When asking for song selections, you might also hear it called Canta y No Llores, which is the refrain of the song; “Sing...

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Golf Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Golf. If you are a golfer you should know that Puerto Vallarta is a serious Golf Destination. From the first course Los Flamingos to the new luxurious Punta Mita Golf course in Punta...

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Puerto Vallarta – Take A Side Trip

There are many magical places to visit surrounding Puerto Vallarta that require only a short bus trip. Down the south coastline, Boca de Tomatlan is at the end of the city route. From there, one...

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Exploring Villa Bahia: A Guide to the Ultimate Puerto Vallarta Decadent Escape

Imagine stepping into a world of luxury, where breathtaking ocean views greet you at every turn, and the serenity of nature surrounds you. This is the experience that awaits you at Villa Bahia, a hidden...

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Puerto Vallarta – Cruisin

Boats in Our Harbor The cruise ship marina often has visitors. Sometimes yachts are huge, with heliports and large tenders to transport passengers from the boat to shore, or another vessel. Such luminaries as Bill...

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