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Do I Need A Guidebook For Puerto Vallarta?

Do I Need a Guidebook for Mexico?:   Remember back in the day when the first thing you did planning a trip was to buy a Fodor’s or Baedeker’s? Later it was Lonely Planet, Let’s Go,...

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Puerto Vallarta Street Art

Colors of Puerto Vallarta are everywhere from nature and with the help of some very artistic people. This is one of the latest new street Murals, which is actually very close to the Market and...

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Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta: Sophisticated Bars and Elite Clubs to Visit

Puerto Vallarta, with its vibrant sunsets and serene beaches, is infamous for more than just its daytime beauty. As the sun dips below the horizon, the city transforms into a pulsating hub of electrifying nightlife...

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Christmas Fireworks show

Puerto Vallarta sparkles for Christmas! This year Christmas will be especially brilliant in Puerto Vallarta as they host the 2014 International Fireworks Festival from December 20th -31st. There will be Fireworks presentations from the industry...

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Puerto Vallarta – Shopping For Furniture

Furniture Shopping in Puerto Vallarta There was a time we went to Guadalajara for furniture shopping; there were few choices in Puerto Vallarta. That has changed in the past few years and we are delighted...

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Puerto Vallarta – Come To A Yoga Class

Yoga in Puerto Vallarta Keeping in shape is easy in Puerto Vallarta. We eat healthy with the abundance of fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and wonderful flavored waters. Walking is one of our favorite pastimes...

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Puerto Vallarta – We Welcome You For New Years

İProspero Año! We love New Year’s Eve in Puerto Vallarta. Everyone gets in on the act and the fun goes on all night long, with dancing in the streets and endless fireworks. There are so...

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Puerto Vallarta And The Margarita

“Margarita: It’s more than a girl’s name”–Jose Cuervo slogan – 1945 Countless bartenders, socialites and hotel owners have laid claim to the invention of the cocktail known as the Margarita, including the commercial manufacturer Jose Cuervo, who...

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Love Bugs and Other Wheels in Puerto Vallarta

Tourists visiting Mexico often express surprise at the abundance of Volkswagens in Puerto Vallarta. Mexico has been the home of auto manufacturing for many decades, the Volkswagen being one of the largest contributors to the...

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Puerto Vallarta – Take Care Of Your Pets

Dogs and Thunder It’s called Strom Phobia and our pup suffers from this horrible affliction here in Puerto Vallarta during rainy season. We always know when a storm is brewing because the pup starts the...

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Villa Bahia new rental villa

Villa Bahia in Puerto Vallarta is the exciting new addition to the Luxury Vacation rental market now being offered by Beston Properties. This breathtaking contemporary villa set oceanfront just a few minutes south of the...

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Chartering a Boat in Puerto Vallarta: The Perfect Activity for Your Luxury Stay

Puerto Vallarta, a gem on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, offers an exquisite blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and luxurious comforts. If you’ve chosen to stay in one of the plush vacation villas such...

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Puerto Vallarta News: Arriving

Airport Arrivals Just Got Better! Few things excite us as much as arriving in Puerto Vallarta. Coming in over the mountains from the north, with an approach toward the sea, where Lic. Gustavo Díaz International...

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Fresh Fruit Paletas a favorite thing in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A Paleta is a Popsicle in Spanish, however in Mexico the Popsicle is raised to an entire new gourmet level. They are made with reel fresh fruit when in season, with pieces...

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Puerto Vallarta – So Begins The Next Season

Low Season in Puerto Vallarta Begins High season is officially over as of Easter Sunday April 1st, but that doesn’t mean things slow down in Puerto Vallarta. Pride week rolls out for the first big...

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Puerto Vallarta – To Dos With Kids

Five Must-Do’s When You Bring Your Children to Puerto Vallarta There are some incredibly fun things for kids to do in Puerto Vallarta. We often have guests with kiddies and find it’s not difficult to...

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Puerto Vallarta – Dolphins & Freedom

Dolphins Dolphins, those happy little creatures who squeal with delight communicating with one another, seem to have a language of their own. We wonder what they would say if they had any idea how much...

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Vallarta Vacations: Movies From Mexico

Mexico Takes Hollywood   As we watched from our cozy home in Puerto Vallarta, it was a thrill to see this year’s Academy Awards from Los Angeles, California, where several Oscars were handed out to...

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