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Blanca waves

Blanca update Puerto Vallarta, Sunday June 7, 2015. The storm surge from hurricane Blanca hit...


Fab new luxury rental villas

Villa Enrique in Puerto Vallarta had thier grand opening last night with a fabulous Sunset...


Puerto Vallarta Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings are becoming more and more popular and Puerto Vallarta is a perfect destination...


Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival

Puerto Vallarta , Gourmet Festival. Foodie update the annual Food & Wine event known as...


Puerto Vallarta – Mexico is the third largest trading partner of the U.S.

Why Does Mexico Care? There are many reasons the election is of great interest to...


Cirque du Soliel

Cirque du Soleil meets Puerto Vallarta When you think Cirque du Soleil you propbably think...


Cirque du Soliel comes to Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If you have been to Las Vegas you are familiar with the...


Puerto Vallarta – Lend A Helping Hand

The Gift of Life Blood is always needed, since surgeries and accidents are daily life...


Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita

It starts with a sigh. For those having difficulty pronouncing the name of this growing...


Puerto Vallarta: Keeping Cool?

“In the summertime when it’s hot an’ sticky, You know stayin’ cool gets to be...


Puerto Vallarta South Side Shuffle

Puerto Vallarta The Southside Shuffle or just “the Shuffle” as those in the know call...


Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas! Puerto Vallarta is very quiet early Christmas morning, the church bells...


Manuel Lepe Bday

Happy Birthday Manuel Lepe, Feliz Cumpliaños . The magic sense many people feel in Puerto...


Puerto Vallarta Naturally Beautiful

Puerto Vallarta Naturally Beautiful is planning the next project. On November 14th there will be...


Puerto Vallarta And Rosca Del Reyes

For a long time, we thought it quite strange to see Christmas decorations hanging in...


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