PV's best Taco's

Best Tacos
Puerto Vallarta’s Best Tacos are hard to choose. My Top 3 Favorite Tacos would be the following in no particular order
 Takon Burritos: superlative giant shrimp Burritos, the green salsa is the special detail that makes them so amazing. The smoked marlin Burritos are also great but Shrimp just better. 3 locations one across from the airport – where the flight crews know to go when on layovers. One location near the below Pepe’s Tacos and one in the Romantic Zone. They deliver.
 Pepe’s Tacos: you know when a place has bad florescent lighting and a view of a Pemex Gas Station the food has to be great. The Al Pastor Tacos are the best. The Pork is carved off a large Meat Cone that has been marinating with a slice of Pineapple at the top. The master carver does it with the finesse that a master carver in Japanese Benihana would envy. Again the Salsa is the detail that tips the scale in a great Al Pastor Taco and their salsa is killer
 Marisma Seafood Tacos: amazing with fresh handmade corn tortillas with a deep fried giant shrimp, or try the Ceviche, light and fresh on a crunchy Corn Tostada. The setting is bit more peaceful with some chairs along the sidewalk, but It is still basically a street stand. But gourmet by anyone’s standards
Tacos al Pastor may be considered a simple Street food but even a gourmet chef like Rick Bayless cannot resist them.
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