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Puerto Vallarta /Nayarit is the new Brand being developed to include both Puerto Vallarta and the next door Nayarit state which includes Punta Mita (location of the Four Seasons Punta Mita) , Sayulita, San Francisco and other North shore towns, the state line is just north of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport and uses the same time zone even though technically it is not. There are some amazing ecological zones in the area, most impressive the Marietas Islands and Isabel Island which were made famous by Jacques Cousteau and are protected Unesco Biosphere Nature Reserves. Many rare species such as the Blue Footed Booby a bird found otherwise mainly on the Galapagos Islands. These islands are only accessible by approved tour companies such as Vallarta Adventures which use only small boats with shallow bows called Pangas to show visitors the Islands.
The Marieta’s islands are home to thousands of birds as well as. Octopuses, sea turtles and a wide selection of tropical fish. There are approved dives sites so divers can view all of these amazing natural sights.
One of the Marietas islands has a special hidden beach, called Playa Del Amor (The beach of Love) accessible only by swimming through a tunnel to access the intimate sandy beach on the other side. Check it out on Google, there are over 84,000 hits and many youtube videos and well as a Lonely Planet article
Isla Isabel was created by underwater volcanic activity and is located 43 miles off the coast of San Blas, a port town about 95 miles north of Puerto Vallarta.
Uninhabited and undeveloped, Isla Isabel is only 1.21 square miles and is strictly for eco-tourists who value roughing it so as to be able to experience nature, dive sites and rare birds.
Ground operator Nayarit Adventures offers itineraries that include accommodations in tents, supplies and transportation to/from the is
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